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Discover the best in OEM-based automotive information, training, and support, compiled and presented by DENSO Auto Care experts. Whether you’re a student, working technician, shop owner, parts distributor or other automotive pros, this is your master resource to gain expertise and knowledge – both online and in-person.

Cutting edge, gamer-like interactive training

DENSO specializes in simulation-based, e-learning lessons. Today’s technicians are instantly drawn and captivated by DENSO’s unique 3D gamified learning environment. This discovery-based method is about “learning by doing”.

DENSO is a cloud-based automotive e-learning solution that allows shop owners to assign, create and manage lessons, exercises, tests and tasks. Technicians can complete their assignments from any location and from almost any web-enabled device.

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Turning training into profit anytime, anywhere

As the automotive industry regains its footing to restore the shortage of technicians, DENSO understands the need to strengthen technical training for the aftermarket industry. DENSO’s program allows you to turn training into profit for your shop through our comprehensive e-learning solution with over 1,400 training modules designed for the apprentice to the master technician.

DENSO’s Automotive Service Technical (AST) and Master Automotive Service Technical (MAST) readiness courses follow the same curriculum offered by a technical college or a vocational school. For those established technicians just looking to gain additional certifications from ASE, these courses will allow you to “return” to the classroom.


Learning designed for professional automotive technicians

The DENSO online curricula offers hundreds of interactive lessons designed specifically for today’s general automotive learners. In addition to traditional textbooks, this is a new innovative and effective approach to learning:

  • Automotive Essentials curriculum offers 1,400 state-of-the-art interactive lessons, tests and simulations
  • Electric Drive curriculum offers over 100 state-of-the-art interactive lessons, tests and simulations on hybrid and electric vehicles
  • A world-class Engine Simulator offers 45 case studies and actions to diagnose
  • Pre- and post-tests per subject in the AST/MAST courses
  • Automotive Curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles
  • Learning Management System allows results tracking, testing and customizing of classes and courses
  • Learning style loved by technical because it is based on gaming principles and HD quality

Access to a knowledge base of OE and DENSO libraries


The OE Vehicle Knowledge Base is designed to quickly link you to service and maintenance information you need for day-to-day operations. By subscribing, you’ll get 24/7 access to essential vehicle manufacturers specifications, wire diagrams, diagnostic procedures, TSBs, parts and labor guides, DTCs and more.


Think of DENSO Tech Resources as your gateway to a world of technical information on key DENSO products, engineering, construction, operation, and system applications. All materials are written and compiled by DENSO automotive engineers, providing valuable reference information and training in all product categories.


Training today for the technology that will drive tomorrow

The DENSO Electric Drive curriculum consists of a complete range of interactive lessons designed specifically for teaching or educating today’s generation of automotive technicians about hybrid and electric vehicle technology.

  • Over 100 state-of-the-art interactive lessons, quizzes and simulations
  • Learning Management System that allows results tracking, testing and customizing classes and courses
  • Covers battery technology
  • Can be used to study hybrid and/or electric-only vehicle technology
  • Loved by technicians because it is based on gaming principles